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About Us

About Us

Fisitech was established in the year 2010 as the IT operating organization for the company, specifically for the purpose of implementing Information Technology products in several companies such as small to medium size businesses, schools, and internet cafes. With our firm intention, Fisitech continues to play role and it is positioned as IT Vendor in Bekasi area in just, within 2 years, Fisitech successfully earns good trust from our clients. Fisitech initially stands on itself with no collaborating partner.

The long working experience and knowledge during exertion with an advanced IT company, we have developed new and improved concepts as modifications and new thoughts to Fisitech clients. Even when Fisitech is newcomer in this IT industry, we have more than sufficient knowledge on the same subject matter.

With this support, it encourages Fisitech the opportunity to manage, develop, and grow in the company. Since then, Fisitech is ready to assist with IT products and services to variety of companies and organizations in Indonesia.

"Why Fisitech?"

According to surveys done in Indonesia, Information Technology is not as commonly used as those in the advanced countries (in Europe and the United states); it has yet little attention. Companies are satisfied with just the basic IT products and services, whereas nowadays, IT support has become the primary need for these companies.

Fisitech has successfully made simplification and modification. Fisitech is able to bring up useful informative presentation, with ideal and objective understanding of the importance of IT role in company administrative management and operation. Classical perceptions and IT challenges found within the company management are described below:

  1. High cost of computer equipment and parts (Hardware and Software) is taken into serious consideration when doing Update and Upgrade computer system.
  2. The lack of computer knowledge and system by these official IT staff hired in the company. This results in much slower ratification to solve problems (system error) in the company.
  3. Employee mindset. This is one classical issue the company has to face and very common happens to all employees, such as the mindset not to propose good and necessary changes to support growth in the company because they will not receive any compensation. This is one necessity the company requires separate IT division who deals only with IT products and services because of the fast growing IT development.

Fisitech has successfully minimized operating cost and administration work in the company with 1 vendor and 1 cost. We, Fisitech, as information technology division, it is an inseparable part of the company to support manageable operation and growth.